Alvaro Gonzalez Serrano

人: The Proscenium of Ephemeral Reflections


(International Architecture Festival of Montpellier, Francia) – BUILT

Proyecto con Jennyfher Alvarado Figueroa


Project Description

¨人¨ (person), origin of movement and rhythm, creative organism of art and beauty.

¨Proscenium¨, space between the public and the curtain (facade) in a theatrical performance, origin of the ¨Court d´Honneur¨, between the public and the monumental.

A fractal decomposition of the context that makes up a projected performative space.

An artifact that acts as a scenographic background appears, capable of generating rhythm inside a patio. A device that transforms the courtyard into a stage where the movement of the people around it and their way of interacting with it, is the performance itself.

A façade that shines, attracting passers-by to enter a space until then foreign to them, guiding them across a red carpet to the center of the action. The object generates a situation of approach to the context through the sinuous and rhythmic patterns that reflect the surroundings, generating a background that invites visitors to use that patio as a proscenium, where the background is no longer what is built but what is reinterpreted.

Two opposing surfaces formed, which evoke movement, the dissolution between what is built and what is not built, a contradiction between what is inside and what is outside, a diagrammatic reference to the person as the origin of movement and rhythm.

Multiscalar rhythm.

The object aims to invite visitors to enter a patio and perform in it, dance, photograph it from different perspectives… Where movement is the program itself.

Scales appear that could belong to a living animal, with a set of moving patterns that can be understood as a symphony, a puzzle or a poem, light pieces that move with the wind, generating different visual effects in the object and in what is projected. Pieces that reflect the context, generating a background, highlighting the historical and blurring with the sky, generating a performative space through two opposing surfaces.

A space in motion, a stage to act, a proscenium generator of centrality and multi-scalar rhythm. A living facade.

The project was completely done with digital manufacturing techniques and assembled manually. The structure is an opportunity to rethink how can we use the actual technology to produce architecture in a way it was not possible before with new shapes, new materials, unlimited configurations and optimising the available resources to reduce the CO2 footprint.

The kinetic facade was composed by 572 moving laser cutted acrylic pieces with a mirror finishing, these pieces were joined to the main eucalyptus cnc-shaped wood structure with the help of 572 3d printed pieces in recycle PLA that let the pieces to move freely under the efect of the wind.

Rhytmic reflections appears in the courtyard, framing specific details of the national monument that host the proyect, making the visitors aware of the importance and beauty of the palace.

Project Architects (Design, Digital Fabrication Production and Assembly):

-Álvaro González Serrano (González Serrano Studio+)

-Jennyfher Alvarado Figueroa (J-AF Architecture)


Festival des Architectures Vives

Main Sponsor:

Universidad Europea de Madrid


Hotel de Lunas (National Monument)

10 Rue de la Valfere, Montpellier, France 34000

Floor Plan

Courtyard Section

Exploded isometric view


Courtyard Section




Lateral Render