Alvaro Gonzalez Serrano

Virtual Ecosystem

Seoul future house

bio-reactive virtual infrastructure

The virtual structure is a inhabitated matrix of independent and motorized led panels that respond to the frequencies produced by humans and non-humans rotating towards the viewer to generate virtual analog and virtual digital experiences. Inside it has a bearing substructure in rings to which the panels are connected. It is a prototype for the Future House in Seoul.

From shared collective virtual scenarios to intimate entertainment through a new domestic experience.


Vrtual Ecosystem


Project G6



(1 month development)

The project arises after an exercise in rethinking the domesticity of the future, from obsolete living machines to the effervescence of technology and shared experiences. The need to transform the static and opaque into the flexible and interconnected with the urban experience and its inhabitants is understood. A residential unit is projected, part of a skyscraper, in the city of Seoul, with dimensions of 9m x 9m x 9m. A virtual ecosystem where it is possible to explore and live on the border between the real and the virtual. This formal intersection will be a tensed, reactive and phenomenological structure with motorized led panels and multiple sensors around which we will orbit looking for the domestic spaces, as we go up, more private, with the ability to generate new types of experiences. 

Considering our module as the ¨germ¨ that inhabits the intersection, it is given identity after having mapped the virtual city that is generated by observing digital interactions in the urban physical space, this analysis lets us know which are those spaces with the most reactions, the most popular and the most interesting. These spaces will be potentially virtualizable scenarios, which will be recreated in the home, using projections, sensors, scent dispensing devices, specific textures and a reactive topography.

In this way, a direct interconnection with the city is achieved, 24 hours a day if desired, without the need to leave home, direct communication with its people and a democratization and global opening of entertainment, both digital and analog.

In parallel, the organization of this project proposes allocating 30% of the space (ground floor) to public space, in this case it will be a space where programs of shared experiences will be carried out, reflecting on how the daily life of the home is currently articulated,those actions whose experience would improve through sharing are located on this floor. 

Following the concept of transition in the home from the profane to the sacred, a series of routes and walkways are projected that lead to these spaces that will progressively be more private, around the virtual core, feeding back on it.

Exterior Render

Digital urban analysis of Seoul based on internet popularity.

Virtual landmarks.

Exploded isometric view

9mx9mx9m building unit section

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor

Facade Constructive details

Constructive details


Traction structural analysis

Scenario for shared virtual experiences / It´s a common area for all the tower, 30% of our surface area

Collaborative model

A little description of your image

Phisical model